Saturday, October 27, 2012

Metro Task Manager, manage running Windows 8 Applications!

Today I was released this software. The name is Metro Task Manager. Metro name is from the name before  it changed to "Windows 8 Application".

Here is the features of this application :
  • See running Windows 8 Applications
  • End process Windows 8 Applications
  • See the server name that used by Windows 8 Applications

  • The screenshots :

    And, the download link :
  • From official site
  • Mirror (MediaFire)
  • Thursday, October 11, 2012

    NEW! Smancosoft Twitter account!

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    The account is here :

    Why I create Smancosoft Twitter account? Because this account will only tweet about news and information of Smancosoft, and of course for people who can speak English.

    If you are not interested to follow @Smankusors that using Indonesian language with my social updates, you can follow @Smancosoft for just Smancosoft news. :)

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    Except if you can speak Indonesian, follow my Twitter too @Smankusors